Things To Do When You're Having A Bad Week


Sometimes bad weeks just hit us out of nowhere, and even if we can't exactly pin point what's wrong, it's hard to shake that feeling that you just wish the week would hurry up and end. I'm not one for sitting back and letting life get to me though, so when I find myself in the middle of a not so perfect week I've found some steps worth taking to make things just that little bit better.

Be kind to yourself Sounds pretty obvious, but when times are tough the first thing we have to do is put ourselves first. Whether it's taking the time we need just to gather our thoughts, or taking ourselves out of situation that's not doing us any good - whether it's big or little steps, first things first is a bit of self love and care. So allow yourself the time to cry or vent if you need to, and if you're anything like me eat all of the chocolate you want, as when things just feel a little too much we have to show ourselves a little kindness.

Spend time with your favourite people As much as sometimes I just want to hide away from the world and hibernate for a week or two, I've found that surrounding myself with the people I love helps things feel way better. Even if it's just lazy nights with Alex, or coffee with my best friend, just being around positive and supportive people who make you laugh and remind you that there's better days to come makes all the difference. 

Be proactive Whatever it is getting you down, one of the most important things I've learned so far in life is that we have to always remember that we're in control of our lives and our decisions - even when it feels like we're not. So whatever it is getting you down, whether it's work, health, or relationships, remember that you can make a change whenever you want - even if it's something as small as changing your outlook or perception. Be proactive with your own life - fight for the things that matter to you, and leave behind the things that are just bringing you down.

How do you handle a bad week?


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