If You Work For Yourself, You Should Read...

When you work for yourself you wear many hats, and there are many challenges and adventures that you face every day and sometimes you can feel a little lost in the middle of it all. I've shared posts you should read if you work from home, a beginners guide to freelancing, and 6 realities of being a creative entrepreneur, but today I thought I'd bring you some must reads for anyone else working for themselves...

Regina on the 5 Important Things I Wish I'd Known When I Started My Business

Angel on The Twenty Something Entrepreneur 

Bethany on How To Create A Weekly Schedule 

Jessica on Getting Freelance Work

Sophie on A Successful Schedule

Kat on How To Be An Artist

Braid on Decision Making & The Creative Entrepreneur 

Corina on Keeping Up With Projects And Life

Rebecca on When Do You Stop Working When You're Self Employed?

Marie on How To Say No To People Who Want To Pick Your Brain

Breanna on Knowing Your Worth

Megan on Being A Creative Is Not All Business 

Hope these are helpful - Megan's Circles talk on sharing your story as a creative entrepreneur is a must watch in my opinion!


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