Now we’re going to dive into the fun part; choosing your word (or words) for 2017. 

1. There are two options:

One word

Having one word is a great way to have an overarching focus and anchor for your year; you may even feel like wholehearted is the best word for you, or something else that can apply to both your work and your life throughout the year.

Some popular options include: Growth, Enough, Calm, Connection, Gratitude, Thrive


Two words

Having two words may work better for you if you’d like to honour two different mindsets throughout the year, or if you’d like to give your work and your life different anchors. For example, maybe in your work you’d like to Grow, but in your life you’d like to focus on Connection. 

2. Questions to ask yourself:

What do I want to guide and anchor me in 2017?

Before you jump into exploring what your word (or words) could be, a good thing to think about is what do you want to guide and anchor you in 2017. Use everything you’ve discovered so far throughout this toolkit to guide you, and outline what you’d like to guide and anchor you in the brand new year ahead to come. 

For example, maybe you want to focus on cultivating more calm and stillness, or making space for more rest, or letting go of perfectionism. Whatever it is, get super focused on what you want your word (or words) of the year to really represent. 

What do I want to make space for my year to be?

Diving even deeper, think about what you want your word (or words) to help you make space for in 2017. What do you want your word (or words) to trigger for you - how do you want them to help you stay focused on what a wholehearted year looks like for you?

3. Brainstorm

Now to play around with some ideas until you find the best word (or words) for you. Tasks for you:

  • Give yourself 10 minutes and write down 10-20 potential word (or words) for 2017
  • Think of words that inspire you and that feel connected to your vision for next year
  • Narrow it down to what feels most aligned with your vision for your wholehearted year
  • Explore whether one or two words will serve you best

Remember: this word (or words) are here to help anchor and focus you in the brand new year to come

Listen to your gut and be honest with yourself about what word (or words) you think will serve you best in 2017. See what words truly align with what you hope to cultivate and make space for next year, and choose something that will help you to re-centre throughout the year if you start to lose your way.

4. Your word (or words)

Once you’ve chosen your word (or words), ask yourself:

  • What inspired this to be your word?
  • What does this word mean to you?
  • How do you want it to guide and anchor you in 2017?

Consider writing a manifesto or guideposts 

This is something I found really useful in 2016 and if you’d really like to solidify your vision for your year, consider writing a manifesto or guidepost with your word (or words) for the year to give you something to refer back to along the way. 

Next up we’re going to explore your goals and intentions for 2017...