I know how busy we all can feel in our works and our lives - especially during the last few weeks of the year when we have festivities to keep up with too - so I’ve tried to honour this throughout A Wholehearted 2017 and keep this program as fluff-free and simple as possible. The last thing I want is for A Wholehearted 2017 to just become another dreaded task on your to-do list - my hope is that this program can be fun, clarifying, and encouraging for you as you enter this brand new year ahead.

A Wholehearted 2017 is here to help you reflect on the year just gone, refocus on your goals and intentions for your work and your life, and look ahead to 2017 in a meaningful, purposeful, and productive way. It’s here to help you explore what a wholehearted year could look like for you, and how you can practically make it a reality over the weeks and months ahead to come. 

What you’ll find in A Wholehearted 2017 is:

  • A Self-Guided Program: To walk you through my process for exploring, discovering, and outlining your wholehearted 2017
  • A 5 Part Audio Coaching Series: To support you when you may feel stuck, overwhelmed, or lost along the way
  • Journal Prompts: To give you space to dive deep, explore, and see what comes to the surface

Throughout the self-guided program what you’ll find is insights, ideas, and exercises from me to you to help you dive deep into what you want your wholehearted 2017 to be. The 5 part audio coaching series will be in a similar format to the mini episodes of my podcast, so if you’re a listener of the show you’ll know what to expect - if not, you can check out the show and see if it can support you in your journey here. The journal prompts are here for you to dive deep into throughout the year whenever they can serve you best.

I’ve tried my best to keep this program as fluff free as possible, I’ve sprinkled in some personal insights and stories here and there, but on the whole I’ve kept each section as focused and to-the-point as possible. I recommend having a notebook (digital or paper, whichever if your favourite) on hand as you work through each section so you can take notes and work through the exercises. 

Like I said in the introduction, don’t be afraid to tweak this program to work best for you. Listen to your own gut instincts every step of the way, but I’d definitely recommend giving all of the exercises a go at first to see what they can uncover for you. 

More than anything, I hope A Wholehearted 2017 can support you to truly thrive in your work and your life in the brand new year ahead. I hope this can be a resource that you can refer back to throughout the year to help you reconnect to your core goals and intentions along the way.

Let’s jump in...