Season’s of rest are sometimes out of choice, and other times out of necessity. Maybe you’ve had a busy season of hustle or struggle and your mind and body are in need of slowing down for a little while, or maybe you’re just aching for a quieter season so you can focus on your wellbeing and personal growth along the way. These journal prompts are here to help you face your season of rest with focus and intention.

  • What does this season of rest mean to me? What are the goals and intentions guiding this season of rest in my creative work and life?
  • How am I feeling as I navigate this season of rest? Is there anything I’d like to be different?
  • Is there anything distracting me in this season of rest that I’d like to let go of?
  • How can I stay focused on what truly matters to me in this season of rest?
  • What am I learning from this season of rest along the way so far?
  • Is there anything I can do to support myself to truly be present in this season of rest?
  • How is this season of rest connected to my overarching vision for my wholehearted year?

Hopefully what you can explore here are some reflections on your season of rest, and how you can continue to navigate this season on your own terms and wholeheartedly along the way.