Something so many of us struggle with is self-doubt and the fear that we’re just not good enough in our work, our creativity, and our life along the way. These journal prompts are here for when you may be battling with feeling not good enough throughout your wholehearted year, and will hopefully hold space for you to move forward in a confident, joyful, and wholehearted way. 

  • What does “feeling not good enough” look and feel like for me right now?
  • How is it affecting me in my creative work and life?
  • What has triggered this bout of self-doubt for me?
  • Is there a story I’m telling myself right now? If so, what would it look like to question that story and explore if it’s actually rooted in truth?
  • What would feeling “good enough” look and feel like for me right now? How can I cultivate that in my daily life?
  • How can my guideposts or my wholehearted 2017 support and guide me in this season of battling with my self-doubt?
  • What are the facts and truth that I need to remember whenever feeling not good enough starts to affect me along the way?

Hopefully what these journal prompts can help you to explore is what’s really going on when you’re feeling not good enough, and guide you to a more wholehearted mindset along the way. 

Next up we’re going to dive deep into some journal prompts for when you’re in a season of hustle...