We all feel lost and off track from time to time - throughout your wholehearted 2017 you may find yourself at times feeling disconnected or feeling a little stuck along the way. These six journal prompts are here to help you carve out space and time to dive deeper and hopefully find some clarity and direction moving forward.

  • What does it feel like right now to feel lost and off track? How am I feeling in this season of my life?
  • How can my word (or words) for 2017 help me to refocus and reconnect to my core goals and intentions?
  • What are my core desires in this season of my life?
  • Is there any external pressure or noise that I’m giving too much space too right now?
  • What would it look and feel like for me to be focused and “on-track” in my creative work and life? And how can I make that a reality?
  • What goals and intentions have I set for this season of my life that I can use to guide me back to where I want to be?

What I hope you can do here is use all the work you did through the self-guided part of this toolkit to guide you back to where you want to be, and also dive deeper into what’s causing you to feel lost and off track right now. More than anything, I hope these prompts can help you to refocus and reconnect to your core along the way.

Next up we’re going to explore some journal prompts for when you’re feeling not good enough in this journey...