Next up we’re going to explore some journal prompts for you to dive into whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed throughout your wholehearted year. It’s so easy when we feel overwhelmed to let it spiral out of control, but sometimes just taking a step back and refocusing can be a great way to move through the overwhelm and live and work wholeheartedly along the way. 

  • Why am I feeling overwhelmed?
  • Underneath all of this overwhelm, what is actually happening?
  • How would I rather feel in this situation? How can I make that my reality?
  • What is actually important to me right now and what do I actually need to focus on?
  • What can I let go of that isn’t truly necessary or essential to me in this season or moment? 
  • How can I move forward and through this overwhelm instead of letting it paralyse me and hold me back?

My hope is that these journal prompts can hold space for you to discover what’s actually happening underneath all of the overwhelm, and support you to find a way to move forward instead of staying stuck.

Next up we’re going to explore some journal prompts for when you’re feeling not good enough along the way...