For the last part of A Wholehearted 2017 I have some journal prompts to share with you to help you dig deeper throughout 2017 when you may be struggling, or entering a new creative season, or feeling off track from your goals and intentions for the year. I’ve found for both myself, and my clients, that getting our thoughts and feelings down on paper, diving deeper, asking ourselves questions, and seeing what comes to the surface and what we can discover from that is one of the ways we can really live and work wholeheartedly along the way.

Journaling helps us to carve out space to really listen to our core desires, thoughts, and feelings, and helps us to unpack any uncomfortable feelings, or fears, or limiting self-beliefs we may be battling with along the way.

I’ve broken this section down into 8 different parts - these will hopefully cover some of the seasons, struggles, and roadblocks you may find yourself facing over the brand new year ahead. 

And some encouragement from me to you before you dive in? 

First, always remember that there is no right or wrong way to journal. Whether you like to do it in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening, every single day, once a week, or whenever you feel like it - whatever works best for you and your needs is what’s most important.

Second, be brave enough to be completely vulnerable, honest, and open and raw when you journal. Don’t worry about what you “should” be thinking and feeling, and instead let your truth come to the surface instead. Nobody else ever has to read what you write, so let journalling be a safe space for you to be honest and open. 

And finally, let your intuition guide you. When working through some of the journalling questions that I’ve outlined for you, a question of your own may spark some thoughts and ideas within you. Go with it - don’t be afraid to dive deeper and ask yourself more questions if you feel like something important is coming to the surface for you. Make your journalling process work for you.

More than anything, I hope the following exercises can be fun, clarifying, and helpful for you as you navigate your wholehearted 2017.

Let’s jump in...