Hello - it is so awesome to have you here. For the fourth audio coaching I want to talk about navigating trade offs in your wholehearted year along the way.

So what exactly are trade offs? At the very heart, they are compromises. They are the reality that we can’t do everything we want to do all at once. It’s about making a decision and prioritising when there are two desirable but incompatible desires in front of us. For example, maybe throughout your wholehearted year you find yourself wanting to spend more time with your family and also do more speaking events. You may find that they are clashing with each other, and for a season you may have to choose one over another. Or, a different example is that maybe throughout your wholehearted year you have two competing work opportunities become available to you and you have to choose one over the other. In any decision where we’re choosing one priority over another, we are making trade offs in our creative work and lives along the way. 

I’ve found that trade offs are a big part of wholehearted living. Because we want to live whole, meaningful, and focused creative lives, usually we have to make some tough decisions and trade offs along the way. Do we choose more downtime and adventures or more time to hustle it out in our business? Do we choose to invest in our business growth or our personal growth? We face so many trade offs along the way. I’ve found that a key part of living a wholehearted life is being brave enough to make those decisions, and today I want to share with some encouragement to hopefully support you in your own trade off decisions throughout your wholehearted year. 

First up is to identify conflicts. Ask yourself:

  • What are trade off decisions that I need to make in this season or the coming seasons of my wholehearted year?
  • What two desires are competing with each other right now?
  • What are my fears and anxieties around making these decisions?

Hopefully what you’ll discover here is a clear picture of any trade off decisions you need to be making soon, and how you’re feeling about them too.

Next up is to actually make the tough decision. When it comes to each and every trade off, ask yourself:

  • Why do I need to make this trade off decision?
  • What are the pros and cons of each?
  • Which option best serves my needs, core desires, and vision for my year?
  • Do I want to make space for the option I don’t choose in the future? If so, how?

More than anything, my biggest encouragement to you here is to let your wholehearted year guide you. Go back to the core desires, goals, and intentions you outlined for your year. Remind yourself of what this wholehearted year means to you. Stay connected to what truly matters to you most, and be brave enough to make the decision that will serve you best in the season.

And the best thing about trade offs? The things we decide not to focus on right now can still be an option again in the future.

Finally, my encouragement to you is to embrace the season you’re in. Trade offs are tough - our fear of missing out can start to kick in, we can worry we’re losing out on opportunities, we fear that we’re making the wrong decisions, or that we don’t have permission to make the decisions we want to make if they go against the grain a little bit. By embracing the season you’re in, you accept and understand that it’s okay to get super narrow for a season and say no to the things that aren’t truly aligned with your goals and your vision. You stay focused on what’s in front of you, instead of day-dreaming about the what ifs.

To wrap up, ask yourself:

  • What are the trade off decisions I need to make in this season?
  • How am I feeling about these decisions? What fears do I have around them?
  • Which trade off best serves my goals, intentions, and core desires in this season?
  • How can I use these trade off decisions to help me to embrace the season that I’m in?

The next audio coaching is the fifth and final and is all about what to do when your core desires and intentions change in your wholehearted year...