I decided to include audio coaching in A Wholehearted 2017 because I know that things will come up for you throughout the year as you navigate 2017 that you may want support and guidance with, and my hope is that these can offer you exactly that. 

What you’ll find next are 5 pieces of audio coaching, focusing on some of the things you may face in your wholehearted 2017 as you’re making things happen along the way. I hope they can be encouraging, insightful, and supportive for you along the way. If you’d like to dive deep into even more content like this, my podcast Make It Happen may be exactly what you’re looking for.

With everything I’ve shared in this toolkit, my biggest piece of advice before you jump in is to take what can serve you and leave the rest. I don’t have all the answers; what I’m sharing here is what I’ve learned so far in my own creative journey and from my experience of coaching other creatives too. I hope it can be useful for you, but if something doesn’t resonate with you don’t be afraid to leave it and find something that does. 

More than anything, I hope these short audio recordings can support you to navigate 2017 on your own terms in a wholehearted, focused, and meaningful way.

Let’s jump in...